Another Holiday!!

Hi everyone,

I’m back and I’m going on another holiday with my family to Heron Island!! Then the gold coast to the theme parks. We are going in December and I am really excited. We might post on the family blog so have a look just in case (there is a link on the side bar).  More posts soon.


Aussie 🙂

Hollow Mountain

I am really sorry i haven’t put any thing on for ages. We didn’t have phone reception and when we did i was busy.


when we went to the Grampians we did a walk to Hollow Mountain. inside were lots of cool caves.

there was one that had 3 levels!!

Blanket Bay

Sorry its been so long sense I have made a post, we didn’t have  phone reception for a while.

When we first got t o Blanket Bay it looked really rough and rocky. 🙁  But when the tide went out it looked awesome!! 🙂 We went snorkelling and swimming around the rocks. We also saw heaps of koalas around the road!! We had a campfire and met people from Japan, Servia and  Germany.


Forrest MTB

Forrest is really good for riding. We stayed there three nights. We have been on the trails: Roller Coaster, Third Time Lucky, Forest Loop, Follow The Dog, part of the Yaugher Super Loop and J2. J2 and Follow The Dog are my favourite tracks. J2 has some jumps and good tree features. Follow The Dog has awesome down hills great jumps and berms.

All in all its absolutely awesome!!!!!! 🙂


On our third day at Wilson’s Prom we fed the crimson rosellas, that was fun. they landed on our hands and ate the food out of our hands!


Hungry(And angry) cockatoos!( They want the bread!)

On our first day at Lorne we tried to feed the cockatoos, not a good idea!!

A crimson rosella on my hand!



Wilsons Promontory: Day 2

me paddling standing upthe wombat

Yesterday afternoon it finally stopped raining and we got a really fun paddle. Today we just got back from a walk from squeaky beach. Ravens unzipped our bag and ate our lollies, fruit straps, and took our muesli bars away (we still can’t find them!). In the morning Angus and I rode to the shop to get some ice. Later we did some ripstiking. Then we went walking. After that we went for a swim and a paddle, I sat on the back of the kayak. After tea we went for a ride around the campsites.

Wilsons Promontory: Day 1

me in the rain

Its really, really wet and rainy here. I think it would be a fun place if it weren’t so wet. There is a river that looks good for paddling and lots of good beaches. It even has a cinema! The wind and rain is bad but our gas hose leaks so our fridge doesn’t work properly! At least we have an esky. The camper is really good and at least we have a little gas stove that has its own gas canisters and a barbecue. We also have a good awning so not everything gets wet.


Spirit of Tasmania

Last night we went on the Spirit of Tasmania. We got the best cabin ever, it had a port hole looking out from the front of the boat. Here are some pictures.

Our mascot Nanook the ninja man

     Our cabin                                                             Our mascot Nanook the ninja man