Forrest MTB

Forrest is really good for riding. We stayed there three nights. We have been on the trails: Roller Coaster, Third Time Lucky, Forest Loop, Follow The Dog, part of the Yaugher Super Loop and J2. J2 and Follow The Dog are my favourite tracks. J2 has some jumps and good tree features. Follow The Dog has awesome down hills great jumps and berms.

All in all its absolutely awesome!!!!!! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Forrest MTB

  1. Great read Oscar and a good looking Blog take care of your olds for me (your mum and dad) try to keep them under control I know it’s hard but do your best. I read your updates again on the weekend till then enjoy yourself.
    Unc Lee

  2. That looks really fun! I wish I could do that. The koala in the picture is so cute. It seems really fun to ride your bike around in such a scenic place 🙂

  3. Cool blog! I like not only the display, but your posts as well, I think it’s cool you got to go to Australia. How different are the time zones there? I live in the USA. It must be quite different there.

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